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Swapsies is an intimate get together between a couple/group of female friends/sisters in which they exchange each others tampons which have been in for 6+ hours. The goal is to mix each others period blood and therefore be more closer and bonded.
Hey wanna get the girls together and do a little swapsies? I've been juicing up a good one all day.
by Kalabasas May 30, 2019
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Act of trading or swapping a less desired item for another more desired item someone else has. (Word was invented by Jeremy A.K.A. Pookie)
OMG! I hate this subject for the report want to do a swapsy?
by Jeremy A.K.A. Pookie March 24, 2007
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A game played under the influence of alcohol where two or more players "swap" phones with each other and text whoever they want, whatever they want. Players can make limitations on who not to text. There is free range on whatever the player would like to text anyone in their opponent's phonebook. Usually leads to mass confusion and embarrassment.
Player: "Can I please borrow your car for a minute"
Recipient: "what the fuck dude why?"
Player: "Fuck, sorry. Swapsies."

Player: "Smell my dick"
Recipient: "You better be playing Swapsies."
by shleprock May 25, 2010
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