Woman ranging in the 4 to 7 realm on the 10 point hot scale, that on first glance appears fuckable. However on further inspection, this girl actually has greasy skin and unfortunately when you imagine her cooch, all you can think of is a hairy, wet, swampy pit. There happens to be a queen swamp donkey, referred to as the swamp donkess. These donkeys of the swamp tend to act like cats in heat, so watch your step.
Dude, annie is such a swamp donkey!
That girl will totally swamp your donk.
by Skip Broke Nicole January 16, 2010
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Fat, ugly, smelly, nasty bitch with yellow snaggle teeth and horrible breath. Usually works part time as a janitor in the local elementary school and drives around town in a piece o shit car.
"Do your sister's really hang out with the swamp donkey?"
"Umm... NO!"
by Guzzy February 05, 2004
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a dumb skeezer who gets drunk as shit all the time and tries to get as much dick as possible. stay away from swamp donkeys or u will get diseases on ur johnson.
Man u goin swampin tonite?

o hell naw i stay away from those dirty ass swamp donkeys.
by eweezy on da track February 01, 2008
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Descriptive for less than average looking bird when out on the pull.
Oh Dear look at the state of her! She's a right "Swampdonkey"
by Ian Thomas October 09, 2003
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noun: (swam-pa-dawn-kee) origin. Houston:
1. A very unattractive person, usually having an extremely large gap in their teeth and an overbite. Most likely to be more than 50% overweight but not a must.
2. An ugly ass person.
Ricky Smiley. Damn swamp donkey
by CJ February 06, 2005
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Swamp Donkey is one of the lowest forms of a woman. Always being extremely fat, ugly, smells of their dog and has an addiction to steroids. She will never shave (anywhere) and tell untold amounts of lies.Probably have a boyfriend with one ball and be partially deaf.
OMG ain't Sarah a Swamp Donkey
by munterhunter August 28, 2009
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