when your girl swallows everytime and comes down with a chronic case of swamp lung
"damn my girl got swamp lung"
by SwampLung March 28, 2015
When you take your sweaty ass from a hard day of work and rub your asshole across somones nose
holy shit man i got swamp nosed last night when i passed out
by ChevyDmax69 July 22, 2008
On a hot day, when sweat has accumulated down your ass crack, you drop your pants slightly and have someone blow air straight down your cheeks causing an evaporative cooler effect resulting an immediate drop in body temperature.
Tom was getting close to having a heat stroke so he had Tammy hook him up with a Boulder Highway Swamp Cooler to cool him off.
by John Baggins June 18, 2022
Last night Brenda asked me to prove my nautical worth, so I gave her a Mississippi Swamp Boat.
by Medic130 November 8, 2021
Usually wearing leggings and Air Force ones. Typically wearing a tank with tits out. Likely has thick mascara on.
Friend 1:Wow that girl looks swampy
Friend 2:Yea probably from etobs
Friend 1: So swamp etobs
by Lolhaha1 September 9, 2021
When your using a mildly dirty and smelly portable toilet on a super hot day and your pooping in there while your and sweating a lot like a dirty dog on a summers day and your thinking to yourself “oh man what I would do to take a shit in an air conditioned bathroom”.
Jheez, Vincent came outta that potable like he just had a swamp potty.
by Dannie Desantie April 17, 2021