The term used for when your ass starts to sweat intensely. Swamp ass is a living nightmare. It makes your ass smell like you just sharted. It's gross, and is a reason to wipe your ass like you wipe your floors.
"Sat down with swamp ass for the entire day. Now every seat I sat on smells horrible."
"I feel you, man. I had a hot girl next to me once. Needless to say, swamp ass ruined everything."
by Pango456 April 30, 2019
When you go swimming and you can't change out of your swimwear right away.
Aw man, I've got swamp ass.
by shanehole April 2, 2016
When your butt is like in a pool of sweat or is very sweaty
by Cartoontvnetwork January 8, 2019
When your ass sweats so much it becomes a viable option for Shrek to relocate to.
"Did you see his swamp ass?"
"He had swamp ass, and I want to eat it."
by 4rri July 16, 2019
A person who suffers from sweating form the buttocks due to playing a video game form 4am till 10pm
Damn Zay when you stood up all i saw was swamp ass from your bean bag and your ass.
by Avery Married September 22, 2020
swamp ass thing is a man-like create who lives in a swamp. he cares alot about swamps so don't be disrespectful.
someone: hey! lets got to that swamp place!
me: ok but be respectful! swamp ass thing lives here!!
by kindaswagtbh June 10, 2021
A hick lookin fellow that looks like he came from the southern swamps.
Man 1: Did you heard bout Clifford?

Man 2: naw what bout cliff what that boy do now?

Man 3: looked like a real swamp hick wrestlin that gator for bout 3 hours I’ll tell ya fo’ free!
by Awisko January 25, 2018