pretty drunk, acting tipsy and very hyper.
girl: omg shes so swalled!
girl 2: shes just trying to act hard, shes only pretending.
by lkh96 October 24, 2009
West Belfast term for alcohol, derived from the word 'swallow'
'You going out for a swall tonight?'
by Smickers March 30, 2004
A condition caused by perspiration on the scrotal sac; derived from the combination of the words Sweaty and Balls. Can lead to nut rot.
I developed a serious case of swalls last night cornholing your mom.
by Upper Decker November 18, 2005
usually used in northern ireland by townies/millies/scallies watever u wanna call dem it means a carryout i.e. drink purchused from an off license!
mon we go get a swall and get blocked
by wee sarah 2k4 January 17, 2004
The act of producing cringe, most often in a Norse manner.
- Hey Freddy! Stop Swalling around everywhere!
- I cant help it, I'm just too cringe and Norse!
by Nasborraren May 5, 2022
word for "sweaty balls" also referenced to in one of livelavalive's videos on youtube.
loosey goosey will give you swalls.
by Dyllon Franks July 31, 2008