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1. A term that is used to express the state of one's lack of swag.

2. Usually directed towards immature kids who can't accept the fact that they need to grow up and just idolizes weed, wears expensive brands, obsesses with piercings/tattoos, and boasts about the swagger they never have.

3. The absence of swagfulness
1. Boy: hey girl, whats yo numba?
Chick: fuck off
Boy: fml! WAAAAH! let me blog it on my tumblr!
Friend: wow grow some balls. your swaglessness is hurting my know what? im not kicking it with you anymore. pussy.

2. Boy: dude i bought my obey cap today at Journeys!

Friend: SWAG!
Friend 2: Swag!
Friend 3: Swaaaag!
Chick: please, you are full of swaglessness
by sbinladen December 09, 2011
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