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Individual overly concerned with swag. Usually goes to far in order to receive "swag points" such as wear multiple braclets with snapback and several brand name clothing.
That mexican with that chicago bulls snap, yeah he's a swagget.
by JabIne19 November 27, 2012
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Guy black guys that think theyre cool because they can "jerk" and wear brightly colored tight pants
look at that retard in that tattered plaid scarf, he such a swagget!
by modest_mouse December 03, 2009
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A little motherfucker who think he is the shit and has all these blonde ass white girls around him and most likely is blonde him self and is into skate bording and the general definition of swag surrounds him.
Hey Ahmed yeah Zubayr? You see those two kids over there from the junoir high? Yeah?Those are swaggets!
by Haxis May 06, 2015
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a person who uses the term "swag" a lot and who typically uses the words " yolo" a lot in their vocabulary. they also dress up with their asses hanging out because they wear baggy pants or wear those snapbacks or sometimes pretend to be into basketball and wear their jerseys. those people can be called swaggets.

* not to be mixed up with the derogatory word for gay people starting with "f" that rhymes with this
he is such a swagget.
you're such a swagget , always using yolo and blaring out your stupid music out on speakers
by jen-i-ration June 15, 2014
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