Without the ability to swagger or have swagger.
Mark was so boringly friendly that I just resorted to letting him know that he was swaggerless.
by penlord January 12, 2009
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Lacking swagger obviously.. clumsy, careless, stuttering, lacking style and grace. a person who makes themselves look pretty foolish just about all the time. would be considered "swaggerless"
"When hummmmmmmmmmmmmmberto spilled that paint, mannn, that was some swaggerless $h*t"
by jesas November 14, 2009
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1. a person who lacks personality and style of their own.
2. someone who can't do anything on their own (constantly jocking someone else's style)
why did you go out with him! he's so swaggerless it makes my heart hurt
by e.johnson March 31, 2009
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swaggerless monkey (adj.)- 1.) One without or lacking swagger. 2.) An unoriginal, uncoordinated, non-creative person with no soul or flavor.
Julian is wearing my clothes again, and acting like a big shot. What a swaggerless monkey.

Anyone who tries to say this word and says it incorrectly is instantly a swaggerless monkey.

EX: "You shirtless monkey..." ummm no, that's swaggerless monkey.
by sebadude March 9, 2010
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