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Something that is both "soft" and "fuzzy". Pronounced (su-vee) First coined in 1965 by someone with a name just as unique. Most often used to describe a stuffed animal, a kitten, or a blankie.
It is not necessarily warm, cute, pleasant smelling, dead or alive. Just Soft and Fuzzy; Things that can be considered "suvvy" are: Roadkill, Fabios Ass hair, a baby blanket, stuffed animals, velvet and fleece, but not satin.
OMG, I just hit a possum! Immediately, I picked up the poor roadkill and stroked him. He was a little stiff, but still covered in suvvy fur that felt like Fabio's ass hair, so soft, so fuzzy. I wrapped him up in a baby blanket next to a stuffed animal for company, you know, just in case he woke up, and I placed his little maggot-ridden body in a shoe box lined in velvet. I placed the lid over him and said a prayer, then I pulled the string from my fleece jacket and tied the box shut. As I drove over a beautiful bridge on that sunny day, I said farewell to my Suvvy friend as I flung him over the side; "goodbye little guy, we'll always have Fabio"
by Suvvy1965 July 24, 2009
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