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to be spaced out and unfocused. Not paying attention to the task at hand.
Joe was on his phone, surfin while we were trying to win the game. Hey man, quit surfin and get your ass over here and help!
by Mitazake July 21, 2010
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Replaces Swag. Ones style, persona, OR the way in one presents themselves.

Aye man, you got so much surf in you today.

You know me! Always surfin'!
by lobcity99 February 12, 2012
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Surfin - A term used by men who swim out on surf boards and to sit at the back of the waves in order to fit large objects in each others rectums such as their fists.
"Oh Hi Mark, let's go Surfin tomorrow morning. Let's see if you can get double fists this time. Cowabunga dude!"
by Phil Hickling February 05, 2018
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The act of riding a fat chicks rolls during sex.
Man, Shelly has so many rolls it felf like i was surfin a wave during sex
by nicofiend July 02, 2003
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the act of sticking ones cock into the belly button of the other and pissing into it
man, i have had a rash on my belly button ever since John surfed me
by Dude Dan January 16, 2003
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