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A felf is a part fox part elf combination. The term was coined in the 80's from a number of fantasy books. Felfs have the all the admirable qualities of an elf and all the graceful qualities of a fox. They are generally very good looking. Male felfs are handsome while females are very pretty. As far as mystical creatures go, felfs are the best looking.
On the way to the castle, the hero had to fight the dragon, get past the charming looks of the felf, and outsmart the wizard.
by FABIO!!!! January 03, 2011
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At the post-circumcision party, Legolas ate way to much--he bacame a felf.
by Amatt X. Graveus December 12, 2003
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To aggrevate your friends at 4 in the morning after drinking some beers.
I felfed on his neck
by Hoss Drizzo January 31, 2003
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