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What results when a rational number goes through the process of radicalization to become an irrational number—for example, a radical forces a number like 2 or 5 to reluctantly convert to √2 or ∛5.
Surds secretly desire to live freely like whole numbers and fractions, without radicals continually watching over them.
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by MathPlus March 10, 2018
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In mathematics, we often arrive at answers that contain root signs (they may be square roots, cube roots, etc.).

We will find that some of these numbers with a root sign are easy to deal with since they have an exact decimal representation

For instance sqrt16 = 4, rt^3(8)= = 2, sqrt11.56 = 3.4, rt^5(1/32) = 0.5.

This is because each of these numbers is rational
Expressions with root signs involving pirrational numbers such as sqrt7 - 2 or rt^3(5) are called surds.
by hotgirl69xxx December 28, 2004
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