Completely destroying a person's mental state by either using far more force than necessary to win a competition or taunting them after victory occured.
Sam slammed John's shot out of the air causing it to fly 30 feet out of the court then looked him in the eye and yelled "SUP NOW SON?" Sam had totally supped John.
by dajuicedog May 16, 2013
a phrase conjured up by ben calpotura and ira balagtas in the year of 2001. it is a phrase used as a greeting.
oh sup SUP playa i heard you be hella propah lemme beat
by ira July 22, 2003
Sup is something cool people say. It can be used as a greeting. People say "sup" when they don't feel like saying whats up because it's to long. Also, people say "sup" because they get in the habit of saying "sup" so they just always say it. It can be used by girl or boy.
"Sup girl"
"Nothing much"
"Sup with you"
by Cleo Defobio September 28, 2015
A term that cool people use because they are too damn lazy to say What's up. (Too much effort involved there man.)
by RockStarSurferChick March 21, 2003
Short for 'What's Up?'. 'What's Up?' is short for 'What is Up?', and 'What is Up?' is short for 'How are boring daily events in your life going?'.
Guy 1: 'Sup, man?
Guy 2: Pretty cool, man, you?
What all cool people say, it's a shorter version of what's up or wassup.

Some annoying ppl like to say it back to you when you say sup to them.
Person 1: "Sup"
Person 2: "Nothing much sup with you?""
Person 1: ". . ."
by aiden is cool November 18, 2022