A killer who loves children; one who is well skilled in destruction as well as buiildin'
Superman had a tough time battling his arch nemisis, the supervillain named Lex Luther.
by Adam3000 December 13, 2004
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A killer who loves children. Also, one who is skilled in destruction as well as building.
Billy: "Mom, can Metal Face come over for dinner?"

Mom: "Is he that little redhead from school?"

Billy: "No Mom, it's the supervillain janitor Mr. Doom. He killed a werewolf that attacked Randy Yavanian at recess. Mr. Doom sure is swell!"

Mom: "Well...ok."
by gargosmell April 1, 2009
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When taking any frowned upon action to a new and disgustingly horrible level that is much worse than it usualy is, because of added acts of being an asshole.
*Regular Douche Move*-Haha i kicked Jim in the nuts

*Supervillain Status Douche Move*-Haha after doing Jim's girlfriend, and then tossing his puppy over a bridge, I kicked him in the nuts.
by Sportinecronoob August 16, 2010
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An Internet Supervillain is normally described as someone who has high social power, primarily in their league, be it Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, or any other site. They can often be suckers for creating utter chaos and turn comment sections into complete warzones with any accomplices, allies, or followers. Overall they tend to be very unique depending on the individual. Examples of people who qualify as Internet Supervillains would include leafyishere, MeiAIDS, and likely Quackity.
" Wait, some maniac is beginning to grow big on Reddit and use their followers to harass other people? Sound the Internet Supervillain alarm! "
by Mr. Heck January 26, 2020
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