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A combination of a gentleman and the lone wolf, this motherfucker grew up like any other Asian male. Harassed and belittled throughout middle and high school, he got sick of being picked on and hit level 9000. Shunning everything that society tried to mold him into, he went on a path to discover himself and attain “super sayian”. Nowadays, this super-asian is well connected in society, in good shape, a leader of his own pack, and a jack of all trades. Currently on the prowl for a mate, so you better watch out!
Girl 1: Did you see that super-asian in the back of the room?

Girl 2: There’s something charming and mysterious about him, I think I’ll ask him out.
by Gytu February 10, 2014
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Someone who's Asian characteristics are overpowering. Such as almond eyes barely visible to the naked eye, is an active participant of the infamous "Asian Pose", and one who sports the optional accessory of the Razor Scooter. They may also be found in any front row seat of a biology class.
"Hey man, did u see that super asian?"
"Nah she sped by too quick on her Razor Scooter."
"She must be late to her Biology class, looks like she's not getting a front row seat."
by Ma hoe gan May 31, 2009
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