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(Usually, but not always) Strict, nosey, and controlling. They make you go to summer school if you get a B+ in an honors math class, even if you had the best grade out of all the Asians who took that class, and replace your grade all because 'if you get 4.0, you get sit on stage when graduate!'. To Asian parents, summer is not a 'break' as it is to other children in America, but 'a time to catch up'. Summer for Asian kids include SAT/ACT/PSAT prep (whether its doing books or taking classes), summer school, piles of math books, etc. while others are hanging out with friends and making s'mores. Asian Parents control their kids' lives because they want them to get into a good college, so that 1) They can brag to their asian friends about what college you go to <---MAIN REASON 2) You can be a doctor and make lots of money and 3) They can brag about how much money you make as a doctor
Asian parents often put on a facade to others that they are nice, normal American parents. Then, when your friends leave (if they ever get the OK to come over), your parents start yelling at you, pressuring you to do math, and/or beating you for something you did that 'embarassed' them (i.e. having a messy room). They also severely disapprove of technology (computers, ipods, tvs). If you get an A- its CLEARLY your ipods fault, so its going to be taken away until you get above a 98. If you watch an hour of TV, they begin yelling at you to stop and give you a lecture about how TV is like crack.
Asian summer: 8am-1:30pm summer school, 1:30pm-3:00pm math, 3:00pm-6:00pm tennis, 6:00pm-10:30pm math, FML

Asian parents: "I signed you up for PSAT class!"
Asian parents:"Ooo since good deal I signed you up for ACT class too!"
Me:"...WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!! But according to these pretests Ill either get a 35 or a 36!!!"

Me:"....I got...a 92%..."
Asian mom:"WHAT?! I told you no ipod! NO MORE IPOD till you get 98!!"

Me: -watching friends-
Me: But mom I've only been watching for an hour!!!
Asian mom: TV like drug!!! Once start can neeveerrrr stop! Addicted then you grades go down!


Asian mom: Getting B like cutting your leg off!
by Katp10 July 06, 2011
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Ahmed: Wanna walk to the station?
Joseph: Nah, allow it blud, can't be arsed, I'mma get the bus.
by ak47 February 27, 2004
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People who are characterized by the following items-

*Expects their children to always receive straight As on their report cards, tests, projects, quizes, and even questions you if you get an A on your homework assignment. And if you don't get an A, than they'll give you that long-hard-cold-stare and beat ya till you're an inch from death.

*Expects you to do the laundry, make dinner, fix a door (actually anything for that matter), and do the things that they're supposed to be doing while they're watching some Asian drama series(no allowance).

*Are easily frustrated and calls their children the following names-

*If you have even two-inch long hair, they will call it long, and a mess, and they will force you to get either a bowl cut, a buzz cut, or something far worse.

*Polos, polos, polos, not just any but the plain-one-colored-pocket-shirt-polos. That's what you're gonna be wearing till you're twenty.

*Expects you to be locked up in your room, studying and reading educational reports and documents during the weekend, winter break, spring break, and summer.

*Expects ya ta be a doctor or a dentist...I wanted to be a paleontologist...

*Are super no tips..uses eachother's membership cards just for the discounts provided(funny incident), will not buy new clothes, always goes to the dollar store, and etc.

Well that's for all right now-enjoy
*Asian parents(mom) sees you talking with a girl-
Mom-you have sex with her???
Me-No...we were just discussing some school...
Mom-Oh ok, what was it about?
Me-Our algebra homework....
Mom-AHA YOU CHEATA! *bitchslaps*

*Asian parents(mom) sees you talking with a black girl-
Mom-you want to marry a brack girl???
Me-um, that's racist and n...
Mom-*double bitchslaps*
by cairne April 29, 2011
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Their logic include:
1) since they gave birth to you, they think can control what you watch on YouTube, Television, etc.
2) since they gave birth to you, they think they can control what you listen to on the radio or any other thing that you can stream music on, such as, Spotify, Pandora. Etc.
3) their logic for grades :


B= almost acceptable

C= compared, crime


F= you're fucked
4) they control your hair cut

Acceptable hair cuts include :
Girls: long flowing hair, bob cut, bangs, side bangs, and basically any thing but boy hair cuts.
Boys: bowl cut, buzz cut, fowhawk.
5) they feed you and shove food on you, then calls you fat afterwards

6) if you spend more than an hour on any electronic device, you're fucked
7) they won't let you play any sport other than swimming, dancing (any type), badminton, or tennis. Claiming it's too dangerous

8) they compare you to their relative's, friend's, or co-workers' sons or daughters and say you should "follow their example and do better then them so they could brag to their parents"
Asian kid:oh shit, I got a C on this test, my parents are gonna kill me
White kid: just switch it with mine, I got an A
Asian kid: they're gonna find out, they always find out,
They're Asian parents, whatever you do, they'll always find out
by Asian child 101 January 02, 2016
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Parents that are horrible for the following reasons...

1. They will make you do unnecessary work from school, such as next week's homework, or if you have none, they make you read your textbook.

2. If you are ever caught with a person of the opposite gender, they will beat you and assume you fucked them.

3. They will beat you for random reasons, and since they are asian, they know kung fu and will beat your ass.

4. Any grade below a 90 is considered failing, even if you have 89.4.

5. Once you're in High school, presents for your birthday and Christmas will stop coming. Or if the gifts do come, they will be in the form of programs or books on the SAT's or school subjects.

6. Your hair cannot be longer than 1 inch if your a male.

7. Playing video games is not allowed on weekdays, and only like 1-2 hours on weekends.

8. To buy something, it must be on sale.

9. Going out with friends is a no no.

10. Your food with always have rice in it.

11. You will be expected to become a doctor or something similar.

12. Talking against your parents will be punished.

13. You never get any money, and if you do get some, then it goes right into your "college" fund.

14. Anything over $10 will not be bought for you.

15. They will always have poor grammar. No matter how much they've been in the U.S.

16. They will reinforce math and science like crazy.
Asian parents: You get prepare to die...
Me: Oh god....

On christmas morning
*opens presents*
Damn it...another math book.

Parent: Why your hair so long? And was that girl with you???
Me: I like my hair like this. And yes, that was a girl.
Parent: HEY! You talk back and you with girl, you gonna get hurt....
by Jealousofwhitepeople December 11, 2010
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You non asians think that all asians are awesome? Nope, you're wrong especially when it comes to OLD G(Generation) Asian Parents. Old G Asian Parents only let their kids marry people of their same nationality. Asian boys can't grow hair pass their ears. Getting a C isn't bad, but for OLD G Asian Parents, you're screwed. They don't let their daughters go out because they think their daughter is going to get rape or take naughty pictures. The food is rice all the time. They want their kids to be a doctor or a pharmacist.
Asian Dad: Hey boy you have the girlfriend yet?
Asian Boy: Yeah
Asian Dad: She the white, the black, or the spanish?
Asian Boy: Yeah she's white.

Asian Dad: Hey boy, CUT YOUR HAIR RIGHT NOW!
Asian Boy: Why can't I have my hair the way I want it? It's America not Asia.
Asian Dad: You like getting the back door huh.
Asian Boy: What?

Asian Dad: A.....A......A.......C..........let me get my whip k boy. Can't find it but I got two steel chopsticks though.

Asian Girl: Hey mom I'm gonna go hang out with my girlfriends.
Asian Mom: HUH!?!? any boys?
Asian Girl: One guy and that's it.
Asian Girl: How? They're all girls except for one guy.

Asian Boy: It's ok mom and dad, I'm going to eat Stouffer's lasagnas.

Asian Dad: Hey boy, you the doctor yep?
Asian Boy: No dad, I'm only 16.
Asian Dad: Then study hard instead of your stuuuuupid guitar.
Asian Boy: Dad I want to make a Visual Kei band in the future.
by AliSai95 June 19, 2010
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Very, Very, Strict and mean parents. They force you to have perfect grades, they punish you if you got lower than an A- on a test. i never had them but my friend who is asian did and i know from going over his house that they are very strict.
Real Conversation between my friend and his parents. When I was going into middle school you could either get into 7th math, 7th advanced math, be with the 8th graders in regular math, be with the advanced 8th graders, or be with the highschoolers, average kids got into 7th grade math, smart kids, got into 7th advanced, very smart kids got into 8th, super smart kids got into 8th advanced, and geniuses got into highschool algebra below is a real conversation between my indian friend and his parents

rasheed(Friend): ( Walks into house to see his mom upset with him and yelling at him)

Rasheed: Mom why are you so upset?

Mom: You didnt make it into highschool math

Rasheed: So thats really hard to get into most kids don't even make it into 8th grade regular math

Mom: Don't talk back Mr. You go to your room this instant

Rasheed: But what did I make it into?

Mom: You made it into 8th grade advnced which isn't good enough

Rasheed: if you ask me or anyone else that is very good to make it into advanced 8th going into 7th grade

Mom: (Bitch slaps Rasheed)

Rasheed: What was that for

Mom: Don't question me now go to your room or you'll get this again and tell Jeff to go home you should be studying now

Rasheed: Dude I'm fucked your so lucky your white well you have to go bye you don't wanna witness this.

Now you know it sucks to have asian parents
by snookiwantsmooshsmoosh8888 January 30, 2011
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