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Speed Channel F1 commentator Steve Matchett's nickname for the Super Aguri F1 Team
Takuma Sato comes home in 15th for the Super Best Friends.
by Scott Speed December 28, 2006
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A holy group consisting of relgious figures. Includeing Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Sea Man, Bhudda, Moses, and Lao Zi. In a southpark episode they unite against the cult of David Blaine which actually alludes to Scientology.
Some believe that the super best friends also have super epic mounts:
Jesus: Unicorn
Mohammed: Twelve Teeted Camel
Joseph Smith: A Sly Fox
Krishna: An Elephant
Bhuda: Panda
Moses: Serpeant
Lao Zi: Chines Dragon
Sea Man: Sea Horse
Super Best Friends UNITE!
by Jordan Reindl March 11, 2008
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A level above best friends. Your willing to do anything for this friend. No matter how humiliating or painful the task, if its to help them out then you will.
Kyle: Stan your my super best friend.
Stan: Your my super best friend too Kyle.
by InsomniaticFrenchToaster October 25, 2009
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A specific crew of young men, who wear clothing, skateboard, and quite often ruckus.
Guy #1-"Who the hell were those guys?"
Guy #2-(spitting out blood) "I think they were the Super Best Friends"
Guy #1-"Oh my fuck"
by SuperMuggins October 14, 2006
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