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Sup is an uncommon last name with members of this elite group tracing ancestry back to the USA, Finland and mainland China.

Suo is the last name of someone who will go far in life. A Suo is determined and goal driven. They are smart, natural born leaders, but be careful they are assertive and direct as fuck. A Suo is a lot like Jessica Pearson from Suits.

A Suo will have a great group of friends. A Suo is the best friend that everyone hopes for. A day with a Suo is always an adventure that cannot be planned. Beneath their strong exterior, a Suo can be vulnerable. They need the support of friends and family, but won’t admit it. Having a Suo as a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of life’s gifts. They will always be there for you. Their love is deep, whole and unwavering. If you are lucky enough to have a Suo love you, don’t you ever fuck it up.
Guy 1: Man that Suo is fierce, look at the way she roasted poor Gerald!
Guy 2: Gerald is a fuckwit. That Suo is the only thing keeping this assignment on track.
by Pepperoni with Cheese November 04, 2016
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