Sweet loving guy with passion. He is like the romantic romeo in movies, a guy that girl's dream of who buys her flowers and adores her by looking in her eyes and singing romantic songs to her. Careless by nature, but selfish with love. Unique way of showing love and care to the ones close. Like a princes charming.
Sunil is coming on a white horse for his princess.
by SunMoonAlways February 09, 2010
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Dark blue.

The Hindu creator's skin color. The creator has given the maximum of blue to the nature i.e. the sky, the oceans, the rivers etc.

The color symbolizes bravery, manliness, determination, ability to deal with difficult situations, depth of character.
Ye sara jaha hai kitna suneela (sunil)

English transl--
This world is so sunil (blue)
by master January 11, 2005
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1.A very crazy person who has many different sides to his personality.

2. A sexgod
1. He's very Sunil

2. Oh God, he is a Sunil!
by Emma999 December 20, 2006
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a person who is a very good person and has very big body for hitting the bad persons
by sunil May 19, 2004
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1. A very good boy.

2. A man that women feel comfortable around but do not date.
1. After playing with his toys Joey was sunil and put them all away.

2. Joey wanted to date Cindy, but he was her sunil and she just wanted to be friends.
by Mr. Buddy December 22, 2004
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