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The friend who's probably not good enough for Saturday night...the friend that will call you back...the friend that cares about you. That friend that will try to ease your pain on Sunday afternoon. That friend you'll only miss when she/he's gone.
Friend: "Last night was crazy, I got really fucked up...I woke up in someones apartment...I don't know where. You wanna catch a movie later on?"

Sunday Friend: "Yeah."
by trachrob June 25, 2009
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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A person that you're only friends with for a certain time, usually because they're the only person available that you know. If you're only friends with someone at work because you're always around them, they would be your Sunday Friend.
"I'm only friends with Casey at church. She's the only person I know there. I guess she's my sunday friend."
P1: Hey, what's your relationship with P3? You only seem to hang out with them at the mall.
P2: Oh, they're just my sunday friend. She's usually the only person there that I know.
by CandiAnne March 09, 2015
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the friend that asks to hang on a sunday because ur not quite the friday night or saturday friend.
Tina: hey guys, wanna hang out on Sunday?
Jay: why not Friday?
Tina: I am hanging out with my other friends.
Jay: how about Saturday?
Tina: I am hanging out with my other friends.
Jay: ok Sunday it is.
Jay is Tina's Sunday Friend because he is not cool enough for Friday or Saturday.
by silly-deer November 20, 2019
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