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An amazing guy. Has the sweetest heart. Doesn't exclude anyone, just cause he's that nice. Loves his friends. Wastes his money on making his friends happy. Though he may not show it, he's an excellent dancer. He's hilarious and so handsome. He's wanted by many, and all the guys are jealous. Also goes to the Salk School of Science. His most common nickname? Flamingo.
"Woah! Who's that singing?!"

"Oh, that's Sunay!"

"He's amazing...and super friendly!"

by yoyoyodisforallpoopinthemama November 20, 2018
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Braggart; a person seeking opportunities to claim himself false supreme;also referred to as Junaid
Stop being so annoying, are you Sunay?
by deedying May 26, 2018
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