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Summah is a girl that is kind ,caring and always there to help out . This girl has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. She some times has friend ship issues but always comes back out on topπŸ˜„
If you have a summah in your life like me be glad you do😘
Summah is the most caring girl I know.
by Mfabb4 June 21, 2018
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Someone who is beautiful, but thinks low of herself. She has beautiful eyes and everything. Every guy wants her, but she likes a variety of guys so she goes out with many. Usually, a girl that changes her hair colour a lot, but not fake. She's very pretty and doesn't like fake people.
Wow, Summah is so hot.
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by awesomenesslover August 20, 2017
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a great summer consisting of booze, music, and randomness; preferably near the beach and in warm weather.
"summah is not a word" said, Camille.

"oh yes it is...check this out shows her the urbandictionary link," replies Chris
by entropy111 June 04, 2011
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