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Sumayya is a fun and energetic girl.She will always put a smile on your face and make you laugh.She loves her friends and family and is very loyal to them all and will always stand by you no matter what.She isn't the sharpest tool In the shed but that's what you love about her,SUMAYYA doesn't like to stay inside all day and likes to get stuck in to some dirt or go exploring to who knows where!She isn't a make up and fashion kind of girl and will be down to do almost anything n with friends.But when at home on the weekend's she sometimes likes to be lazy and sits inside watching football videos with her bag of crisps.She is secretly talented but doesn't need to show it because she's perfect the way she is.Rebeliouse,risk taking and living life on the edge every girl wants to be her.She has the most award winning smile and laugh and you just want to squeeze her cheeks because she's too cute but she can be feisty,aggressive and violent so you don't want to mess with her!
Wow! She's such a SUMAYYA!let me be her friend.
by Craige mosby December 06, 2016
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Now days Sumayya is a a person who loves, cares and trusts too easily. A very talented person, she has a voice of an angel when she sings and has a great sense of humour. Her eyes make you melt. One of the most exotic,beautiful and kind people who is always there for anyone that needs her. She is a leader and a warrior that is too smart for her own good. She's a bit of an annoying weirdo for being to good at basically everything without trying but thats what makes her. Unfortunately people get jealous easily by Sumayya's a lot. Thats what gets them hurt. Sumayya in Arabic means High or Rising as in rising to the occasion or high above, but she is neither prideful or arrogant, always a faithful lover and friend. Generally in Arabic people of royalty are referred to with this term. Sumaya most importantly was also one of the first Martyr of islam. She was faithful and strong in her beliefs.
"Damn look at that Sumayya"
"Oh man I want me one of those"
"Sumaye is such a badass boss"

I really should have told her how i felt when i had the chance...
If you see a Sumayya be sure to keep her
by Mahmood23 July 07, 2014
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Sumayya is a fun and energetic girl. She will always cheer you up, or light up the room. She is friendly and a happy person. She likes to be with family and friends, and is very trustworthy. She is very smart and will help you at school if you are stuck. She is naturally good at singing, calligraphy and gymnastics. She is also strong. She loves exploring, and she is good with animals and loves cats. You will always want to chubb/squeeze her cheeks but she is feisty and you don't want to mess with her or she could bite you!!! She always laughs, and likes to meet new people. Sumayya is one of the best girls you will meet.
"I met a Sumayya yesterday! She is THE BEST! I really want to be her friend!"
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by MayyaDaBee February 07, 2019
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Sumayya is THE BEST person you will ever meet. She is energetic, smart, funny, loyal AND is always happy.
Whenever you are upset, she will light up the room. All you ever want to do is squeeze her cheeks BUT she can be feisty. She is fun be around. She likes to enter her own world sometimes, but she does know what is going on. She has a great personality and imagonation. She is good at calligraphy and gymnastics. She LOVES cats!
by MayyaDaBee February 06, 2019
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Sumayya is a fun and energetic girl, and she is very beautiful and talented. She believes in true love, and her love would a guy very handsome, hot, charming , perfect. According to Astrological predictions, her guys name would start with the letter ‘S’ and will be a name which has 7 letters.
She is a Sumayya girl
by Thot35779 May 24, 2019
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