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(n) 1 Jamaican sex god with dreadlocks
(v) 2 To completely and utterly mangle something
........................... with your cock.
(n) 3 A guy.
Holy fuck! My car got Sujed by that bear!
by Chris Prado December 11, 2004
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Suj- Shut up jerk!
-School Lockers-
A-(getting books out of locker)
B-(3 lockers along) Hey C! look at that ugly Goth chic LOL
C.>.> hmm yayr
SUJgirlchatimvulet downconversionwowomg
by Cupcake GI Jane December 30, 2011
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1. Someone who puts their own name on Urban Dictionary and then Instant Messages their friends with a hotlink titled 'look what I just did' and prays you will be in paroxysms of laughter and unable to realize that instead of a hilarious comedic jab, it is a actually a reflection of a deep seated need to be noticed and indicative of shamefully low self-esteem or self confidence.

2.A cake-like substance found inside an Albatross vagina.
I dont know who Suj is, but fuck him.
by Smapde July 11, 2006
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