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ya rly

see also: calculus
Lord Mumpington: Good sir I do believe I you may have once again bested me at this game of cricket.

Brumley St.Tobin: O rly

Baron Humperscut: Ya Rly

by Smapde July 12, 2006
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1. Someone who puts their own name on Urban Dictionary and then Instant Messages their friends with a hotlink titled 'look what I just did' and prays you will be in paroxysms of laughter and unable to realize that instead of a hilarious comedic jab, it is a actually a reflection of a deep seated need to be noticed and indicative of shamefully low self-esteem or self confidence.

2.A cake-like substance found inside an Albatross vagina.
I dont know who Suj is, but fuck him.
by Smapde July 11, 2006
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A human being, probably black, who partakes of rap. To qualify as the best rapper ever there needs to be a cultural affinity to either gats, hoes or a general understanding of life on the street.

Other helpful qualifications, though not neccessary, are getting shot a few times, being poor as hell, smoking a shitload of weed, and a business relationship with Suge Knight. Musical Talent is helpful but in no way exclusive.

As of 2006, the top contenders are a skinny black man and a fat one. Both of whom were fucking murdered by Suge Knight
TeeJay: So Gangsta Krobar got shot eight times at the watermelon factory and wrote a song about it which he carved into his own ass while in prison.

Icy Kold: Shit son, he's the best rapper ever.
by Smapde July 12, 2006
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