To determine the likelihood of being able to pull off a suit in a given situation.
Suitability is always an option, for a gentleman.

Do you think next week's dinner with your mom is suitable?
by Wait for it. November 5, 2018
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To be drunk or hungover. To drink until...full. XD

A phrase Billy Connolly once said often.
"You can find me in the gutter any day, suitably refreshed"
by R.D July 18, 2005
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1. The attractiveness of someone (how hot they are). Measured as an amount of how suitable one is

2. also used to refer to spoiled bananas (see example)
Girl #1; OMG that guy's so hot!!
Girl #2; IKR! He's so suitable. Should I go ask him out?
Girl #1; He has a girlfriend, but I'll find you someone else who has just as much suitability

Guy #1: Dude that banana is SO RIPE
Guy #2: Yeah but it's fucking ugly. Get one that has more suitability
by blood sugar 8 December 30, 2016
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