Suicide doors refer to car doors that open in the opposite of the regular direction - hinges are at the back and the front of the door opens. Many cars before WWII had those and now it is a popular conversion on tuned trucks. Suicide doors are considered far more dangerous than normal doors because of the possiblity of opening during movement.
I am thinking of converting my truck to suicide doors
by Darkwise July 14, 2004
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Automotive doors that hinge from the rear edge of the door instead of the leading edge. They acquired the "suicide" nickname due to the fact that if the door was not fully closed and the occupant tried to open and reclose the door while the car was moving (which for some reason was once common practice), the rushing air would catch the door and pull it open violently, often pulling the person still holding the door handle out of the car.
Grandpa told us that Uncle Wilbur was run over after he tried to shut the suicide doors on his 33 coupe and was thrown out under a truck. He was never the same after that.
by frnkly December 25, 2005
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Suicide doors are automobile doors that are hinged on the edges closer to the back of the vehicle. The name refers to the danger of such a door being hit by another vehicle while parked at the curb--slamming an open door shut with enough force to kill.
The 1966 Lincoln Continental in <i>The Matrix</i> had Suicide Doors.
by my whip has homocide doors January 5, 2006
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a vehicle with doors that open from the opposite direction the most cars now adays they are called suicide doors because if they open while going down the road its almost impossible to close them unless u stop and if u going at high speed and they open they can come flying off, its meaning also refers to the opening in a regular car is safer because you are openign it with the design to push u back and get redged in so its harder to open the door and jump out of it while its moving trying to kill yourself while suicide doors dont have the insurence they fling open and design with no protection from jumping out at high speeds
"sorry about your door flying off because i didnt close it right but its not my fault you have have suicide doors"
by vinny92 October 23, 2005
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A door that is deeply unhappy or depressed and likely to commit suicide.
I can't help but feel bad for that suicide door
by jjplatinum August 13, 2018
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A car door whose hinge is near the rear of the car rather than near the front of the car. So called because it tends to fly open if caught by the wind (especially in the case of poor panel fit or an open-top car that does not channel air efficiently) rather than shutting right away, causing the car to become unbalanced at speed and leading to numerous other possibly fatal results, such as the car being thrown to one side and crashing or an occupant thrown out of the car.
They used to put suicide doors on a lot of cars in the '20s, but now we know better.
by Airrider October 11, 2009
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The act of rolling your shorts into a thong and placing your nuts out of the right side and the ween out of the left side to portray the appearance of a Lamborghini with suicide doors.
Bro, stunt on them; and hit 'em with the suicide doors!
by Petty Officer Kyle November 3, 2020
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