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A common female Indian name meaning "beautiful." Those with the name Suhani are often incredibly good-looking with a natural charm that attracts many many males. People named Suhani also tend to be outgoing and incredibly fun to be around, making everyone around them a little happier. If you have a Suhani in your life, you are very very lucky!
"Yo, what's that girl's name?"
"Oh her? That's my girlfriend Suhani."
by Richard Spellmeyer December 24, 2013
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1)An indian name
2)Often used as meaning beautiful
3)Always used as cool or awesome
1)Oh look its Suhani!!
2)You are like Suhani!
3)You not as cool as Suhani!
4)You are soo Suhani, but not like her!!
by Hello February 22, 2003
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A type of south asian girl preferably indian, who loves to eat a shit ton of chipotle and chocolate. speaks various languages so if you introduce her to your parents -- Don't be shocked if she starts speaking mandarin mixed with hindi. She aint about that meat life. Shes beautiful, talented, a babe, and can shake her hips like shakira. ;) She don't work out but got toned arms. She's got a bio data so if u vant to hit her up jus get her mobile number.

goodnight amrica.
"Damn did u see the way she moves..she's like the suhani i wanna bring home to my parents"
by sexysoohoo111 December 07, 2013
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1) an indian girl's name

2) plays softball

3) has a particular attraction to boys by the name of josh and david

4) very violent

5) cannot throw very well

6) smiles a lot
Ouch! You're such a suhani.

by OMJ_DON April 28, 2009
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An individual with an innate hatred for all things awesome.; has a tendency to cuss out kind people more times in a day than humanly possible
1) oh my god it's Suhani! If she had a chance she'd kick Madhav square in the nuts! Run Madhav run!
2) Suhani: Fuck you Madhav!
3) Suhani: Madhav is a horndog, douchebag, asshole, and racist! Madhav: Nooo I'm so nice though :(
by PaulPower February 14, 2012
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