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A series of Youtube videos and remixes often depicting a metallic animated alien dancing to Lil Uzi Vert's song called Money Longer, Often in these videos its a subtle but medium amount of ear rape often barely enough to tingle your ear drums to an extent where it feels extremely satisfying
Woah Tony over there is doing a Howard the Alien?! Look at the way he dances to it, Hes like a unit
by 󠀀 July 17, 2018

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Sort of like Suck Ma but a word like Ligma where it means and depicts suck my insert word here and used in commedic ways
You Gonna Sugma balls? Said Bob.
by 󠀀 July 21, 2018

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Rolimons; A site with "semi corrupt users" and gets bashed on by rbx.rocks multiple times and is generally better
Rolimons is better than Rocks! frickin lmaders!
by 󠀀 June 15, 2018

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Roli Supporter Syndrome is caused by a bacteria known as Roliosis, in which can divide across cells like cancer in a matter of weeks to months. Usually, RSS is from supporting Rolimon's, which makes one prone to the disease. This is because your mind and body opens up to letting roliosis cells enter, which is not a good thing.

People pick up the disease usually from constant support of Rolimon's, which obviously makes you more easy to get the disease.

Other common sources of outbreaks are:

Bipolar Disorder
Past heart conditions
When you get Roli Supporter Disease, sympotoms may appear like:

Brainwashed Rolimon's Support
They could appear a few days after exposure, and can get worse as time progresses. If not checked up on, complications may include:

Memory loss
Heart disease
Permanent Retardation
That dude over there has Rolimon's supporter disease.. Look at him running around like a silly 5 year old
by 󠀀 February 28, 2019

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LPP stands for lowest price possible. Often associated with trading terms it's also been a word to refer to snipes or getting items for the cheapest price that is possible.
Yo bruh! Just picked up this LPP for 1 coin!
by 󠀀 January 22, 2019

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This is when you are in a situation where you haven't tried something new yet, Jah and Gekyume would be watching you in Jahradise congratulating you as you do it.
I'm going to dig a hole in the sand! I'ma do it for Jah!
by 󠀀 February 27, 2019

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A rolifag (singular person) or rolifags (group of people) are people who praise their lord (roli) like a bible, normally they are often angry and are a angry mob of 5 year old's attacking anything they can get their hands on.
Scoob, now thats what we call a rolifag, see their pitchforks and torches around town?
by 󠀀 February 28, 2019

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