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A small usually fur baring animal that consumes a large amount of meat.

Note: I don't know who this jimbo guy is but he didn't make up this word or the definition. And the part about the woman and her vagina is just gross. I have the history of this particular Suent and pictures of the animal itself.
Don't pick up any strange Suent tonight.
Or We're out hunting Suent.
by Wade-O-Minute October 31, 2015
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A small fur bearing animal that consumes large amounts of meat.
A woman who shoves massive cocks into her pussy.
by Jimbo April 06, 2005
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An alternate way to pronounce the word "cunt" in order to avoid offending overly sensitive people.
That chick's friend is a real Suent. She cockblocked the fuck out of me.
by AFman83 September 22, 2016
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