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Verb: Exclamation of angst, dismay, and/or frustration. Does NOT involve actual poultry.
"Mom! James just flushed your keys down the toliet!"

by Loralee's Looney Tunes October 10, 2007
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A foolish person who needs to accept his/her comeuppance for their wack behavior.
Yo, B, you need to chill wit' that, you actin' like a sucka duck and need to accept yo' comeuppance!
by Kwirk April 23, 2004
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An old Peruvian tradition where one performs self fellatio in a public place, with hopes of making eye contact with a stranger.
Alex suckaducked himself during the 7th inning stretch at dodgers stadium, EXPLOSION!
by Mike A W August 01, 2014
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