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"Suck your mum" is a term used to offend others. It originated in London and is widely used throughout all of Britain.
Roadman 1: Oi you likkle pussio, I heard you man been chatting shit

RoadBoy 1: Suck your mum bruv. I ain't no pussio to chat like that. If you gwarn start beef then lets do it.

by OfficialRoadBoyOneAndOnly June 23, 2018
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when having and argument wiv someone this is the way to stop it.
go and suck your mum!!!!
by liam April 08, 2005
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A term used by the poorly educated underclass of Britain to cause offense, although its difficult to imagine quite which part of 'your mum' you're supposed to 'suck'.
Oi! What you chattin shit about? Go suck your mum!
by Nanna_MoOn August 02, 2008
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