1.The up-coming word that you say when there is nothing but a hot steamy pile of FAIL building up.
2Achieving your goals.
3. something noobs say.
1.A child gets hit by a car, then a dog runs into the street and gets hit by the car backing up, and then another baby gets raped by Tom Green on acid. Suceed!
2.dood #1"dude i got into harvard!" "suceed!"
dood #2 "noob..."
3. self explanatory.
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"wow look at her.. she's such a suceli"
"you're a suceli in my eyes"
by atpeace October 13, 2013
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Example 1. "Omg Vanina is the biggest sucer."

Example 2. "Caitlyn totally suced Heath last night."

Example 3. "I'd let Caitlyn suce my dick anyday"
by Tan11 September 8, 2009
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Meaning "to suck" normally followed by zizi.

What I did to your dad last night...
1. Issy suced me so hard last night.

2. I let Hannah suce me for the first time ever. It was worth the wait.

3. Grace and Lucinda came over to my house and both suced me.
by ninja1111 September 10, 2009
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suceli is a very pretty girl. That bitch is about crazy asf, and rlly know how to get lit. She is very loyal when it comes to a relationship and friendship. She is very funny with the best personality. she HATES androids. Always carries lotion but never weres shorts. #factual
damn u see suceli she so saucy
by coolsoccermom123 November 23, 2018
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A person who 'sucks' up to another person
He is my suce bag for putting my rubbish in the bin
by 182910!:$& May 31, 2017
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"suck ma Dick" in French, used in everyday conversation when around adults
Beau: dude! i am so awesome
Mitch: no your not, suce ma bite
by Franceeeee September 19, 2010
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