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Subhaan is a name for someone who is solid, but still eccentric. He's a burly, sort of athletic, hairy dude who enjoys sports, especially football. He's a very loyal and trustworthy guy, even though girls don't normally fall for him quickly. He's an honest friend and will always have your back. Go to him if you need advice on everything from fantasy football picks to emotional days, and anything in between; he's got your back. He's a huge fan of Subway, Chipotle, and all Kabobs or Desi foods.
'Yo who was that guy who made that nice catch in our pick-up game?' 'Oh that was just Subhaan'

'Hey let's go out to eat, I'm feeling some Chipotle.' 'God you're such a Subhaan!'
by Sam Ashat June 03, 2017
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