The bass player in the band Cobra Starship. Also in the band This Is Ivy League. He is a chef too! He is one of the nicest guys, and is great to fans. He actually answers messages and meets with people at shows. Some of his nicknames include, Alex Suave Suarez, and Suavez. He is an all around amazing dude.
"I want to marry Alex Suarez."
"Hey, I learned a new recipe from Alex Suarez today."
by cobralingus September 1, 2009
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super hot bassist in cobra starship
has a myspace and replys back and is the wet dream of many young girls
person 1: omg i met alex suarez he's so nice
person 2: i know right he has a nice ass too
person 3: what are you guys talking about
person 1&2: omg stfu gtfo
jesus: :|
by Rylands left ball March 17, 2008
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When you nibble on someone as a form of foreplay. (See Luis Suarez)
Baby, don't be mad, I was just Suarez-ing a little.
by suarezing June 25, 2014
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a uruguayan football player who used his hands to stop a goal in the World Cup quarterfinals against ghana. uruguay ended up winning the match on penalties. a hero to some, villain to others, but he's still top quality regardless of ethics. he plays his club football for ajax in holland.
Luis Suarez thought it was the 2010 World Cup for volleyball.
by Bromina August 15, 2010
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An extremely rare animal cross breed of a Great White Shark, Rabbit and Vampire Overlord, who happens to play Football. It is advised that he be approached with extreme caution as he has been known to bite and racially abuse on lookers.
Commentator 1: "And Luis Suarez's goal has been disallowed due to his teeth being offside!"
Commentator 2: "He's not pleased! He's just bitten the ref's ear off!"
by Collins965 July 17, 2014
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super duper sexy bassist of cobra starship. smells very nice, replies to messages, and has big....features.
"ikr? the suavez is smells sexy."
"and his hands are huuuge. lol."
by kelsaaaay June 18, 2008
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A beatiful young girl that I met this year n I love to talk to. She is an amazing person! She's a square but I accept her for who she is!! Shes a girl dat wears hello kittie shoes!! I think she is beautiful and dat she should be happy :)
: hey damn whose dat!!!
: dat right der is aolani suarez!
by 12oval September 26, 2011
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