The price you pay for ignorance.
"Dude, I just got conned!"
"NP bro, you just paid your stupid tax. Live and learn."
by Psyladine April 02, 2012
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A fine for a dumb mistake or failure to act.
I forgot to pay my credit card bill on time, so now I have to pay the $35 stupid tax.
by toddc May 11, 2008
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The cost associated with engaging in any form state sanctioned of long odds gambling, i.e. playing the lottery.
"stop paying stupid tax, you're never going to win the powerball."
by Joseph Milton July 05, 2007
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Legal fees paid to an attorney to get you acquitted or a plea deal for minor criminal conduct such as public intoxication, DUI or simple possession.
Friend 1: Hey did you hear that Bob got busted last night for DUI?

Friend 2: Oh yeah? Guess he'll have to pay the stupid tax to some criminal attorney.

Attorney: I can get you a plea deal or go to trial on that weed bust but you'll have to pay $2500 for the stupid tax first.
by darkknight430 October 27, 2014
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"God! Is that the time? Got to get to the shop and pay my stupidity tax."
"You'd be better off putting it on the 2nd favourite of the first horse race of every Saturday; buying premium bonds or even sticking the pound coins in a biscuit tin under the bed."
"I know, I know but I've been playing these same numbers for years now and if they came up I'd kick myself."
"I logged on to this website that explained how Lotto is a big swindle controlled by Freemasons who are anti-gambling and the number ball machine is rigged to give certain numbers."
"AAAGH! You bastard! You've made me late now! You wait, I bet my bloody numbers come up."
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 14, 2005
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"The stupid tax", an additional (and generally avoidable) taxation upon your regular habits.

In gaming terms the "stupid tax" is generally a reference to getting scammed or key-logged by a trojan virus. Often resulting in a lost of several game items or your game account.
: Hey did you hear? Bob got hacked!

::: Nah, he just got key-logged. Probably clicked some fake link in his e-mail and ended up paying the "stupid tax".
by bbr-rrvs July 07, 2010
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The cost to fix an error that was easily avoidable, often costs such as parking of postage incurred when forgetting to make a purchase at a more convenient time or with sufficient foresight.
Example 1: I forgot to put the beer on the shop, so I'm gonna have to order it by itself and pay the stupidity tax.
Example 2: I forgot to get her present last week so now I'm gonna have to pay the stupidity tax to get it next day delivered.
by Ragaja October 12, 2018
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