When ones height is exceeded by their width
That nigga so stumpy he must be related to Spencer Friedman
by Savage mike March 4, 2019
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A student at State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, less obnoxiously SUNY ESF. Many students identify themselves as a "Stumpy" (or "Stumpie"). The nickname was given to students by their neighbors at Syracuse University, probably in the 1920s, and most-likely refers to forestry "stump jumpers". Although originally used as an insult, today, most students embrace the nickname with pride.

basically we're a bunch of super rad hippies at ESF. you're jealous, it's okay.
"We are stumpys and proud!"
by mb_esf August 28, 2008
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After abusing a substance, this word is often thrown around to indicate that one is intoxicated and generally affected by said substance.
DC: C'mon man, get in the car!
MM: Man, I'm way too stumpy.
by cc58 January 19, 2006
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A penis that is under 2 inches, not circumcised and retarded.
Thats an awfully stumpy penis you got there Mr. Bob
by anyonononmous April 4, 2003
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A redneck drinking game played out in the country. It is played with a large tree stump, hammer, and nails. Everyone has a nail partly tapped in on the stump and a drink in their hand, preferably a beer. The rotation goes in a circle and each player must flip and catch the hammer mid air and hit someone else's nail. If they drop the hammer or miss a nail, they lose the turn. The last nail standing is winner.

This game can be extremely dangerous. Sometimes the nails fly and hit people in the eye or hammers get dropped on toes or other body parts. Sometimes, once very intoxicated, the hammer can hit someone in the face, causing injury.
Bubba: Man, i got nothin to do tonight..

Bill: Wanna play some stumpy?

Bubba: Hell yea man, stumpy is the best, better grab some nails
by bubbfromthenorth November 21, 2011
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A drunken one night stand soo ugly,when you wake up the next day with her on your arm, you would rather gnore your own arm off leaving you with a stump for a arm, instead of waking them.

(because obv alchohol will make a lass look way more attractive then they are)
Never slept with a stumpy, but i've woken up with a few

by SiegeCow May 23, 2008
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Someone who very short and often has a very awkward personality. This word is most frequently used on The Fresh Prince of Bel-air when describing Carlton.
Hey stumpy!”
by B.Gar October 13, 2018
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