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A redneck drinking game played out in the country. It is played with a large tree stump, hammer, and nails. Everyone has a nail partly tapped in on the stump and a drink in their hand, preferably a beer. The rotation goes in a circle and each player must flip and catch the hammer mid air and hit someone else's nail. If they drop the hammer or miss a nail, they lose the turn. The last nail standing is winner.

This game can be extremely dangerous. Sometimes the nails fly and hit people in the eye or hammers get dropped on toes or other body parts. Sometimes, once very intoxicated, the hammer can hit someone in the face, causing injury.
Bubba: Man, i got nothin to do tonight..

Bill: Wanna play some stumpy?

Bubba: Hell yea man, stumpy is the best, better grab some nails
by bubbfromthenorth November 20, 2011

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