A subtle way for a Hoe to say she fucked a guy accidentally on purpose.
Abby stumbled on five guys on Saturday night included two mounted police officers.
by OPB April 24, 2019
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the act of bopping haphazardly around the internet by hitting the "stumble" button on an installed "StumbleUpon.com" toolbar added to your browser--the button will take you to a random site of interest to you (based on preferences you set up before) that you are lead to "stumble upon" because others with similar interests liked it. "Stumbling" the internet is fast becoming an activity as understandable to computer regulars as what simple googling is known to be.
Yeah, ever since Roger downloaded his new SU toolbar, he's off stumbling for hours and tells all his friends googling for fun stuff can't hold a match to the great sites he finds when stumbling.
by galcoolest July 29, 2005
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- walk unsteadily;
- miss a step and fall or nearly fall;
- lurch: an unsteady uneven gait
- encounter by chance
- make an error;
- trip: an unintentional but embarrassing blunder
- "The drunk man stumbled about"
- "She stumbled over the tree root"
- "I stumbled across a long-lost cousin last night in a restaurant"
- "She slipped up and revealed the name"
- "he recited the whole poem without a single trip";
by Gemini-May December 06, 2005
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To walk in a drunken fashion, or to use the toolbar found at stumbleupon.com .. and the word found in definition #1 should read 'waste'.
Hobo Bob was bored, so he stumbled around for a while. On his Mac, cause he's a n00b. But then again, he was running Unix, so he must be cool.
by Dragonspirit1 July 22, 2005
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The art of fucking something up so bad, it is beyond repair, or physical reconisation
Dont stumble that up! Youll ruin it!

Nice job Stumble-ing up my game cody
by EmeraldArcher June 15, 2017
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When you are so drunk you are unable to maintain balance, leading you to stumble around. However, you are completely consciously aware of you're lack of balance, but cannot control it.
James: "I don't think I can stand up straight. I do indeed believe I have the stumblies."
by Mack MC July 15, 2016
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