A term used to describe the people who love to "get involved" in campus activities. Usually they are "independent" and the only way they make friends is by joining an organization or going to an event put together by the university. People of the Student Body enjoy pep rallies, making fun of greek life, and riding bicycles on sidewalks made for walking.
John: "I know our team is terrible at football but I can't wait for the pep rally tonight! I love supporting my school!"

Tim: "But its friday night you douche."

John: "Ya!! Everyone will be there! Plus there is free pizza after!"

Tim:"God, you're so Student Body."
by tightbutthole69 December 17, 2013
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a show on the n that consists of 12 students, 6 from two different schools that are rivals and go head to head to lose weight to earn money for their school and to earn money personally for themselves.
by PrinceOfherMagesty August 23, 2008
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A term, usually used in high school, to describe a girl who has sex with a lot of different guys.
When I was in high school, Jennifer was considered the student body. The first time I had her, I did her doggie style at a kegger when she was a freshman and I a junior. I saw her leading a few other guys upstairs that night too.
by BRD November 22, 2004
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Mexican. Over 70% of the population of this 2000 student plus school is mexican. About 7% is Mexican-American. They are mostly all inconsiderate assholes with no respect for other peoples property or people themselves. Like to hang out with as many ugly white girls as possible whilst boasting about their stash, their pussy that they get, their ride, how they go about "getting money", and various other Gangster-Douche hobbies that matter to no one. They dont have respect for the multi million dollar school that was put together for them and they go around and fuck it up as much as physically possible. Easily recognizable by the wearing of shorts which might as well me highwater jeans, large chains, belts that do not prevent them from flashing their Wal-Mart checkered boxers that no one wants to see, and hats which are big and may or may not be worn at an altered angle. They should all be removed from Chiawana so that the ACTUAL STUDENTS may feel safer and all around glad that the pest problem has been taken care of.
Mexecutioner 1: Bro, I want to get my science project done, I do. But I just can't do it.

Mexecutioner 2: Why not?

Mexecutioner 1: My partners are all Gangster-Douche mexicans.

Mexecutioner 2: Well, your science class IS at Chiawana High...

I strongly dislike the CHS student body.
by MysticMike22 July 11, 2011
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somthing stupid that makes people u call ur friends decide weather they will vote for u or the other person
i am never running for student body president again
by !?I'M FALLING?! September 8, 2009
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"so i'm having sex with this one armed chick all stub 'n sheet style..."
-student body president
by TM pooh 'n ho November 22, 2003
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