Saintly. A Bonaventure. From Santo Bonaventura, an Italian saint known for his erudite and saintly writings and philosophy.
He can't be influenced because he's such a Bonaventure.
by calix August 7, 2015
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verb; the act of browsing a store knowing full well you have no intention to buy anything
by jpleakis March 20, 2003
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College of a little over 2,000 students in far west New York State. Parties are pretty good and most of the kids are all laid back and chill. Pretty much everybody does intermurals and when there is a basketball game the Reilly Center is jam packed full of students and fans. All of the residence halls are in decent shape but in the Summer of 2006 pretty much everything is being renovated. If you are a college senior deff apply and visit St. Bonaventure. GO BONNIES!!!!!!!!!!
Hey I heard you're going to St. Bonaventure. You're gonna have the greatest college experience...........EVER!!!!!
by St. Bona Kid April 23, 2006
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Sharena is very like to unboxs , every night even her man tired but she will force to unboxs
by Pinkpurp November 23, 2021
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