The best possible friend in the world. She makes you laugh when you're feeling down. She is great at baking and doing hair. She never tidies her room. She is sweet and kind and very pretty. She loves animals, especially horses, and she is gentle and loving. She is also fun and playful and has a great sense of humour.
"She's such a taio"
by Pixie May 27, 2014
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"Taioing it", it is the action within a text conversion where a individual takes large amounts of time to reply for no particular reason. Also it is required that this event is a constant throughout said text conversion or else it is not "Taioing it. Its a popular term from a cut "Seinfeld" episode but was surrounded around the answering machine. It has lately been becoming a more popular term. The episode was about a woman named Taio who did this to Jerry constantly, the episode was named "The Machine". It has been modified to fit a common tendency some people have during text converses.
by SMit July 24, 2014
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Jacob Taio Cruz is a songwriter, producer, and electropop performing artist... and all around soundsmith. He is best known for his songs Break Your Heart, Dynamite, Dirty Picture, and Higher. He Is also the producer for artists such as Kesha, & Cheryl Cole
Jon: Who the F*** is taio cruz?

Me: The dude that sings those awesome songs Break Your Heart and Dynamite!!!

Jon: Oh Wow! I F***ing Love that dude
by HytMayKya November 19, 2010
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having your heart broken or having broken someone's heart. can be used in the possessive "ing"
you wanna break up? your Taio Cruising me!

my ex-girlfriend Taio Cruised me a couple days ago
by coolioroboto October 31, 2010
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A singer that was literally left in the year 2010.
Hey dude, you remember Taio Cruz, right?

Gen Z: Who?
by Wisconsin dude July 22, 2021
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