A person who is extraordinarily good at making tea for her brothers, and basically worships the ground they walk on. She is often a motherlike figure and can sometimes be referred to as 'little-mummy.' She enjoys baked beans, but only in batches of 'about 19.'
Brother 1 sings: 'Dym - ph - na ARE YOU THERE?'
Brother 2 sings a semitone higher 'Dym - ph - na ARE YOU THERE?'
etc. until Dymphna makes them both a cup of tea and brings them any food they might desire and after they have got up changes their beds for them.
by Ottorino Charles Resphigi February 4, 2010
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Small elf like woman with a mighty slap.
The Dymphna Loki Likes pie
by matthew barkworth March 12, 2008
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