3 definitions by underground

A Combination of Boy and Pussy. A Bussy is a man’s asshole.
Oh hunny your bussy is so tight -Gerald
Yes Gerald fuck my bussy right -Frank
by underground December 6, 2020
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Capital of Peru, South America. Founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, a spanish conquerer. Nice weather and interesting sightseeings.
I will visit Lima this weekend
by underground July 29, 2004
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the land where the tropical breezes blow. population tire. girls line up on the right for make-outs, guys on the left for high fives.
strongbad: hey man, i saw you prance around the building like five times whats up with that

homestar:no i doubt it i drove

strongbad: but you don't have a car

homestar:yea, your probably right
by underground August 2, 2003
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