someone who comes off as confident
someone who is comfortable in there own skin
someone who can take on the world
someone who should be very proud of themselves
Erin is a very strong person.
by tinydancer2012 February 27, 2008
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"Those who can face this world alone; who seem to get by on their own." -Garth Brooks
Jacob's weakness's have made him a strong person.
by IwontDenyIt June 7, 2015
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A person that can take mental and physical abuse and still surpress the urge to get even
"damn this dude is stronger then i'll ever be"
by burntdep May 13, 2009
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"hey bruh put that mid shit away i only be smokin strong"
by Weedman89 June 3, 2009
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A riff on the concept of retard strength. Usually used to imply someone is or is acting retarded.
Bryce: *Does something entirely moronic.*
Sam: How are you not strong(er)?
by Katana416 March 17, 2019
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The Tomlinsons
That's it. They are strong.
by twinklinlarry March 17, 2019
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cool, awesome, great, sweet, tight, fly, ill, rack
boy 1: check you my new shoes, man, arent they coo?
boy 2: mann, those shoes are strong!
by shelby=rack August 15, 2008
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