When rules or criteria are very tight, and not very flexible.
Joshua: Mrs. Hoodikoff is too strict, I feel like skipping social studies tommorow!
Matt: Great Idea!!!
by CantBeatRark April 17, 2018
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A derogatory term used to describe people that often make bad decisions or act stubborn like.
*Dies in COD* other person "you are strict aren't you?"
by Benjermainn November 09, 2017
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The definition of strict is Declan, a constant L taker. A strict person usually has no thumbs and constantly talks about how much sexual intercourse he has with your mother and sister.
person1: Yo you ever meet that guy Declan?
person 2 : Yeah the dudes pretty STRICT
by DeclanisStrict February 04, 2018
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State of the art technology, well done food, cool person etc. It is strict like a teacher could be in school-->He will teach you something, for sure.

It has been translated from the Hungarian slang term(szigoru)
-Have you seen Quake IV?
-It was very strict!

-Wow, this cake is strict!
by zerosdfd February 23, 2006
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A vegetarian who avoids consuming all animal products (eg. meat, fish, eggs, dairy, gelatine etc.) However they still may wear clothing or use other items which involve animals (eg. leather shoes etc). This is essentially a vegan diet, but does not take the vegan philosophy of avoiding all animal products.
person 1: She is a strict vegetarian?
person 2: Correct, she doesn't eat any animals products.
person 1: Oh, thanks for clarifying that for me.
by yupppppppppppp April 02, 2010
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a homosexual male that will not under any circumstances receive it during anal sex/bottom.
john: how was sex last night
dave: its been getting old
john: are you still bottoming?
dave: i told you, he's a strict top.
john: that sucks.
by JarrBear October 03, 2013
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when parents (of any race) are so strict, they are as strict as asian parents.
Guy 1: can you hang out tonight?
Guy 2: no, im grounded for getting a B+ in science
Guy 1: dude your parents are like asian strict!!
by nikkinikki1861 February 19, 2011
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