Is when a woman starts her period while having unprotected intercourse. After the man finishes inside her the resultant excrement is known as the strawberry milk shake.
Pittman never paid for the sex but he did give her the strawberry milk shake. She left it in the sink for him..
by F 1 B 3 R September 9, 2010
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When a man cums in a persons mouth and then punches them in the mouth and the blood and cum mix together.
That strawberry milk shake would be better if you shook your head a little and mixed it together!
by Deep_Throat March 19, 2005
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it's like a cream pie except the female is on the rag and the cum and blood mixed together look like a strawberry milk shake.
I cam in her and when I was done I drank the strawberry milk shake
by Mikeagod March 21, 2005
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When a Man ejaculates in a Womans vagina during intercorce while the female is on her period and eats her out after.
Dude.. i so totaly had a strwberry milk shake the other night!!!!
by Mike Davis April 10, 2005
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When a man ejaculates in a women's vagina when she is on his menstrual period. On occasion oozes out which has a pink color from the sperm mixing with the blood.
Let me nut in ya pussy on your period and make strawberry milk shake 😍😍😍😍
by Bignewb November 9, 2018
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when you sock a hoe in the nose and she starts bleeding, then for the milk you jiz in that hoes face
bro/guy-ill give you strawberry milk shake if you dont shut your ass up
girl-ok.... =
by chad brochill87 August 30, 2008
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A spin off of Feltching, but when the anal sex gets a little rough and he/she ends up bleeding and when your sucking the cum from his/her ass after thru the clear straw its a nice color of pink. the chunks you can imagine to be strawberry preserves.
I just knew I was going to get a strawberry milk shake when i finally cum in my dads ass last night.
by little_leg May 26, 2007
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