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When you go to eat out a girl vagina and somehow manage to end up eating her butthole instead.
Yo, josh was so drunk last night, he pulled a pittman on gina!
by SPHSPARTAY November 09, 2010
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A moronic decision involving the ruthless advancement of your already tattered yet gigantic ego. A way of acting which is superiorly ignorant and blind to any abstract ways of thinking except how cool cartoons are when you are high.
IE A bonehead move.
IE Incarcerating yourself in a life of short term happiness and dead end goals which will result in heavy drug use and alcoholism once your wife hits 300lbs and starts beating your ass with a broomstick.
Good job shitface, way to pull a pittman you stupid cock loving blockheaded piece of shit asswiping tampon sucking mongrel of white niggers piss stained dick biscuit licking fart biter. You should go eat your girlfriends shit and lick her ass clean like the hermaphroditic pansy bitch that you are. While youre at it, you should go buy me some condoms so I can fuck your girlfriend in your mothers bed and video tape it so i can play it at your wedding reception while you hide in the closet and shit your pants on purpose, fuckbag.
Your head is go goddamn big and square, you could wear a cardboard box as a fitted hat you lame nipple sniffing man turd. Why dont you go dream about molesting your girlfriends boyfriend and beat off with a pencil sharpener.
...See that man trying to devour his own leg? Hes pulling a pittman.
by eggpress August 07, 2006
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n. A person who has a fetish for armpit order and/or hair.
Hayden loved European women because he was such a pittman.
by "K" Dog May 21, 2005
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(v) to leave a friendly engagement very early due to the influence of time, patience, or other participants.
Rob was upset that the kids at the park weren't going to share the basketball court, so he pittmanned out of there and went home in tears.
by brad the great June 26, 2005
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