When you go to eat out a girl vagina and somehow manage to end up eating her butthole instead.
Yo, josh was so drunk last night, he pulled a pittman on gina!
by SPHSPARTAY November 10, 2010
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1. One who dones dosen't know what they're doing

2. An idiot

3. A moron

4. A feeling dealing with being mentally gone
1. I Pittmaned in front of the class

2. Don't pull a Pittman

3 Dude last night I was so Pittmaned
by dswilkie January 14, 2011
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n. A person who has a fetish for armpit order and/or hair.
Hayden loved European women because he was such a pittman.
by "K" Dog May 21, 2005
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(v) to leave a friendly engagement very early due to the influence of time, patience, or other participants.
Rob was upset that the kids at the park weren't going to share the basketball court, so he pittmanned out of there and went home in tears.
by brad the great June 27, 2005
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Very good looking man, has a 8 pack, can bench 480, GPA is 5, plays table tenis D4
Oh ya harrison pittman, did I ask.
by Harrison Pittman October 18, 2020
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The art of , during a threesum keeping the men's nuggets from touching during the act . Performed by either the woman or other .
Man , we just had a threesum and our nuggets never slapped . She performed the best The Pittman Maneuver ever !
by Kris Martin March 27, 2022
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ill suck your dick for a vape i'm a Zach Pittman nice dick and very white cum.
by big boy dick 31 November 3, 2017
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