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A mandate to cease a certain activity, followed by the addressing of the the recipient as "5," a reference to the Bloods streetgang.

Made popular by rapper Cam'ron and used throughout Harlem and farther, the phrase has lost most of its gang-related connotation, but is still used strictly to reference Bloods in some purist circles.
"How he holdin weight, knowin he owin cake, yo scream in homey's face, stop it 5!"
by rico212 January 13, 2010
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Camron's new swag word, that just means stop. Like saying stop it b, or stop it man. the 5 is added for a flavorful effect.

Its in reference to something or someone doing something absurd or putting up a front, to where the other person uses the selected phrase to tell them to stop the bullshit talk.
You a stop it 5.

You niggas still smoking chocolate thai...stop it 5

Mike: Guys guess who I just had sex with?

dudes: who?

Mike: Beyonce

Stop it 5
by seronic January 11, 2010
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