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1)The best part on Atlanta...well metro atlanta.
2)The park that has a small moutain that really isn't a moutain. It is more like a hill.
3)Very segregated and diverse at the same time. The city has a lot of different cultures but they stay seperated from each other.
4)The suburbs at its worst and funnest
Girl #1: Back up!
Girl #2: Who gon make me?
Girl #l: Fall back. Im from Stone Mountain lil girl!
by onenonlee June 20, 2007
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Typical American suburb outside of a major city. Large state park with kkk activity back in the 50's & 60's. Small historic downtown area that screams southern livin! What makes this community so unique is the large number of black upper middle class neighborhoods, particularly east of the train tracks. Alta tennis leagues run rampant in this town. Affluent African-Americans definitely have a lock on this once stronghold town for the KKK. I guess Dr Kings countless marches for freedom & equality really paid off in this part of the south.
by 20eastside September 10, 2015
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Total reverse of the rest of America. Filled with wealthy black snobs and their 6 car garages and poor white trash and their 6 gray teeth.
Stone Mountain Black woman: If it weren't for all these Lexi in this traffic jam, I'd have nothing to look at and would be forced to think about all the money I'm making for entertainment.

Stone Mountain White man: whooo dawggy! ma just sewed up another miiighty fine confederate flag. showl is fancy!
by Lexus Clone July 07, 2010
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Rachet , hood part of dekalb county in most parts but contains some wealthy people by Stone Mountain highway. Part of zone 6.
Stone Mountain is the nice part of zone 6 , but still ratchet as hell!
by Datniqquatrey June 04, 2018
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